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Summary API Builder

Push Key:  
Enter your EKM Account Key here
Meter Number:  
Your EKM Meter Number(s) will be displayed here
This option will either aggregate the meters in the report or separate each meter
Choose a Format style to display the summary report in
Report Type:  
This defines the time period in which the summary results are returned
This option determines the number of rows to display in the summary report
This is used to pageinate through the summary report
Time Limit:  
Used to calculate the default Start Date. The number that is entered is subtracted from the End Date. Ex. 1 goes back 1 hr, 2 goes back 2 hrs
Time Zone:  
Select a Time Zone to display the summary report in the selected time zone
Start Date:  
Enter a Date to start the summary report from
End Date:  
Enter a Date to end the summary report at
Shows a sumary report between the provided Start and End Hours of the current day
Filter Fields:  
Select one or more fields to be displayed in the summary report. Selecting none will display all fields
This will only show the meter readings for the selected day in the summary report
This rounds the start & end minutes and seconds of the summary report to :00 and :59, regardless of actual time the meter reading was taken
Clicking the Launch button will open the Buider URL in a new browser tab